Friday, June 20, 2014

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everyone wants to get free contacts of girls and women in UAE or the united arab emirates and also dubai abudhabi sharjah ajman free contact mobile telephone numbers of Indian pakistani morocco filipino indonesian arabs and egyptian and syrian lebanese ........... i guess you know most of the nationalities even african !!

ya I know it sound so crass and to put up a title like that but obviouly its what many many guys are seeking and I get many many mails " iwant this i want that " all i need is free... give me free......

first of all lets see who is searching for freeeee. most are low class low salaries labourers and bedspace living guys nd unemployed guys of almost all nationalities who cannot afford any money for anything

so they use internet to search for freesex in a sorry pathetic attempt to relieve their sexual frustractions

so naturally they should get such low class women or girls as their conditions and behaviour and conditions are not good for nice ladies

but low class women dont know anything about internet

so nice decent girls dont respond to such smelly bug infested low class labourers !!! and they keep on pounding the keyboard and crushing the mouse clicks in desperate frustrated ambitions

are you one of such guys ??
messaging and posting things online and begging and emailing everying to "give me freesex " give me free numbers of girls wonen" give me...give me

Just right for The Right people

Monday, May 26, 2014



I guess most of you will think why I put the love sign beside the 'call girls" numbers

the fact is that most men online seek love. love in one form or the another. some seek it in physical pleasures. some seek it in friendships and some seek it as companions and all want to have mobile numbers of such girls

the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES is infact a particularly love lost place as its teeming with milliosn of indians who are either bachelors by status or bachelors by situation which means they are either unmarried or married and staying alone as 'forced bahclors"

The internet cuberspace of UAE dubai abudhabi sharjah is filled with ads and sites of callgirls outcalls incalls this call that calls and still millions of guys asking and seeking numbers of callgirls

a few minutes of lustfull physical pleasures cannot satusfy their desire and search for love ! and they keep on looking

so sad
how long ?
sometimes forever and its tragic

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

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how to get  Girls for Friendship and fun and enjoyment in dubai abudhabi
Thats one question always in minds of new expatriates in United arab emirates and also arab emirati nationals . Millions of forced bachelors and single men of all status and jobs and nationalities like indian western arab fillipino egyptian syrian morocco jordanians etc all seek some kind of respite from lonliness and need frienship and physcial relationships with single or married women settles in UAE emirates

5 out of five

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